The heart of our winery

Overlooking Salorno - and already a part of the village of Pochi - lies the Hausmannhof at an altitude of 400m (1300 feet). From here, you can look out over the vineyards and into the valley towards Salorno, over the River Adige and the autobahn all the way towards the other side of the valley to Cortaccia and Termeno, as well as to the south towards Trentino and beyond to the peaks of the distant Brenta.

The Hausmannhof is the center of the vineyard. This is where our family lives. This is where we allow our wines to age and where we also produce our sparkling wines. With a southwestern exposure, this location enjoys an abundance of sunshine, and the grapevines thrive on the weathered soils rich in loam and clay. Ideal conditions - right at our doorstep, so to speak – for the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir growing on a total of 5.5 hectares (about 14 acres). The Hausmannhof wines with the rose on the label are our basic wines. The labels of our special reserve wines depict the Hausmannhof itself. These wines are made from our best grapes…wines allowed to age for lengthy periods of time in wooden casks, and suitable for years of storage.


Viniculture at the Limit

Our latest acquisition – the Obermairlhof – is situated above Chiusa in the Isarco Valley. Approx. 2.9 hectares (more than 7 acres) of land ideally suited for viniculture extend at an altitude of from 620 to 700 meters (2034 - 2300 feet) above sea-level. Under the humus, one finds well-aerated alluvial soils deposited by glacial action and containing a high proportion of quartz, slate, and granite. The vineyards slope steeply to the east, at quite high altitude by South Tyrolean standards. The Alpine climate with a Mediterranean influence complete the picture. That’s why Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer and Riesling grow here to fresh and lively white wines. Sylvaner and Gewürztraminer reflect the fruity and distinctive character of the wines of the Isarco valley. A further goal is the production of a Cuvée Obermairl which will be completely faithful to its origins; this will be accomplished by means of special cultivation techniques to realize its full potential.