The HADERBURG – our winery's namesake – is located on a rugged mountain promontory on the edge of Salurn, the southern-most viticultural community in South Tyrol.

Above Salurn, primeval grape-growing soil and good climatic conditions have created the prerequisites for distinct red and white wines and sparkling wines.

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Our wines

  • Obermairlhof


    A fine, mineral wine reminiscent of peaches and apricots.

    Grape variety: 100 % Riesling
    Vintage: 2015
    Sites: Obermairlhof in Chiusa / Valle d'Isarco INFO
  • Haderburg

    Pas Dosé

    Intense, lingering nose with a marked scent of yeast. Dry flavor, with fine vigor and great liveliness, balanced.

    Grape variety: 85 % Chardonnay
    15 % Pinot Noir
    Vintage: 2013
    Sites: Hausmannhof in Pochi-Salorno INFO
  • Hausmannhof

    Pinot Noir

    Fruity Bouquet, blackberries and succulent bigarreau cherries, elegantly spicy wood note and light toasty aroma. Velvety, with discreet tannins, harmoniously round with long finish.

    Grape variety: 100 % Pinot Noir
    Vintage: 2015
    Sites: Hausmannhof in Pochi-Salorno INFO
  • Hausmannhof


    Intense on the nose, delicate fruit on the palate, with a creamy, mouth filling texture. Riserva Hausmannhof is only produced in good vintage years.

    Grape variety: 100 % Chardonnay
    Vintage: 2007
    Sites: Hausmannhof a Pochi - Salorno INFO
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News and Events

  • Le Guide de l'Espresso 2017

    Le Guide de l'Espresso 2017

    29 September 2016 Great award for our HAUSMANNHOF RISERVA 2006! Among the 50 best Italian wines in the category "I vini da conservare". This award stands for important wines with big complexity and ageing-potential!
  • VITAE 2017

    VITAE 2017

    28 September 2016 Our Pas Dosé 2011 got the award of the "4 VITI" from the Italian Association of Sommeliers
  • Il Giornale: Le novità al Vinitaly a Verona

    "Il Giornale": Le novità al Vinitaly a Verona

    21 April 2017 The journalist Andrea Cuomo chose ten wines of the Vinitaly and wrote a nice article in the daily newspaper "Il Giornale". One of them is our Pas Dosé 2013!
  • VINEO® Éclairage LED Anti gout de lumière

    VINEO® Éclairage LED Anti gout de lumière

    08 May 2017 As we changed the bottle of our HADERBURG BRUT from green to transparent bottles we had to think how to protect the sparkling wine from the light. The light in fact changes the taste of the wine in an negative way. Therefore we wrap every single bottle of our BRUT in black anti UV paper. In addition we changed the lights of our cellars. The french company VINEO produces LED lamps which generate no lightstruck flavor in wines and spirits. Lighting is no longer a threat to the content of bottles, and it actually enhances the ambiance.
  • vino & portici 2017

    vino & portici 2017

    12 May 2017 01.07.2017 from 17:30 “Vino & portici“ is dedicated to the wines of the region. 50 producers will present their wines and gastronomic specialities will be served.